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U.S. Patent: 5,611,759 (March 18, 1997) Resistance Device for Bicycle Trainers. Issued for invention of the Cycle-Ops fluid bicycle trainer resistance technology.

U.S. Patents: D460621 (July 23, 2002), D460262 (July 16, 2002) and D445234 (July 17, 2001) For aspects of a home internet device for unattended delivery of packages and home access for brivo.

U.S. Patents: 6,553,730, (Apr 29, 2003) and D473516, (Apr 22, 2003) Aspects of a utility hub for Steelcase Post + Beam furniture systems. Issued for invention of system for distributing power and data on furniture system for Steelcase Inc.

U.S. Patents: 6,751,914, (July 22, 2004), 7,249,624, (July 31,2007), Post + Beam furniture system & structural aspects-- for Steelcase Inc.

U.S. Patent: 6,871,833, (March 29, 2005), Disc drive shocking station with high speed spool valve actuation for Seagate Technology. Issued for invention of a shock testing device for hard disk drives

U.S. Patents: D518,861, (Apr 11, 2006), D526,370, (August 8, 2006), D528,172, (Sept 2006), D533,608, (Dec 12,2006), D536,046, (Jan 30, 2007), D539,857 (April 3, 2007), D545,383, (June 26, 2007), For aspects of the LeMond Fitness GForce RT Stationary Recumbent Bicycle trainer for home and club use.

U.S. Patents: D513,598, (Jan 17, 2006), D528,023, (Sept 2006), D519,864, (May 2, 2006), D513,598, (Jan 17, 2006) Aspects of Cadence Meters for Lemond Fitness Inc.

U.S. Patents: D525,133, (July 18, 2006), D525,871, (August 1, 2006) Aspects of a spray Dispenser for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare of Morris Plains, NY, USA. For work done for Listerine Pocket Mist Products.

Canadian Patent: CA 2528306, (Dec 2, 2005) for the design of an electronic Whiteboard System for Polyvision Inc.

U.S. Patent:7,242,394, (July 10, 2007), Canadian Patent: CA 2527845, (Oct 12, 2010) Slideable electronic whiteboard system. A system designed to provide user-flexibility for the various interactive whiteboards for Polyvision Inc (Interactive Whiteboard products now are part of Steelcase, Inc.).

US Patent 7,494,022, (Feb 24, 2009), Canadian Patent: CA 2,557,820, (Aug 29, 2006), WIPO patent number: WO/2005/095218, (Oct. 13, 2005), Bag retention apparatus and method. Filed for work done on trash can for OXO, Inc. of New York, NY.

US Patent 7,832,551, (Nov 16, 2010), Canadian Patent: CA 2,498,678, (March 3, 2005), WIPO patent number: WO/2004/024573, (March 25, 2004) Contact Lens Package and Storage Case, Holder and System and Method of Making and Using. For 1800contacts of Salt Lake City, USA.

U.S. Patent application number: 20050233279, (Oct 20, 2005), Oral composition applicator devices including movable applicator surface and related methods. Filed for work on oral care products for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Inc. of Morris Plains, NY, USA-- now part ofJohnson & Johnson, Inc.

U.S. Patent application number: 20050232687, (Oct 20, 2005), Composition applicator devices including twist off closure member and related methods, done for Warner-Lambert Inc, now part of Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

WIPO patent number: WO/2002/085266, (Oct 31, 2002), Heat Exchange Device with Improved Seal. For work on a device to rapidly change a human's body core temperature. For Avacore Technologies Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

US Patent: 8,069,979, (Dec 6, 2011) Contact lens package and storage case, holder, and system and method of making and using, awarded for work with 1800contacts of Salt Lake City, USA.

US Patent: 9,275,818 B1, (Mar 1, 2016) Method of making and use of an automatic system to increase the operating life of vacuum tubes with a vacuum tube device, awarded for invention of a device to prolong the life of vacuum tubes inside a vacuum tube device.

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